What are 10 Odd or Unique things about yourself: Let’s talk about you!

self evaluationI have been doing my rounds lately, visiting my favorite blogs and discovering new ones, when I noticed lately that most asked the questions about: You.

My goal with this post is to just get to know my fellow bloggers and sometimes the best way is to just let people talk about them self and let it roll. Instead of talking about the usual stuff I probably already know, I want to know about the “unique” things about you that I don’t know.Have you ever met someone and you are just drawn into what they have to say? Their personality, words and smile just suck you in like glue? Then you read their blog and get a more in depth view of who they are mentally.  So let’s take a leap and just talk about you!

(DON”T FOLLOW THESE QUESIONS) just something to get you thinking….

  • Do you excel at a particular sport?
  • Have you seen a certain movie thousands of times?
  • Are you obsessed with certain foods?
  • Do you promote something unique and different that no one has ever heard of?
  • Do you have some unique goals your trying to meet? What are they?
  • Do you make anything cool?

Share it with everyone! Keep it fun and join in…this won’t be fun without you!

I will start this off and let you in on some weird unique stuff about me:

  1. I am superstitious and do certain things in a certain way all the time (I hate bad luck)
  2. I have watched the Star Wars & Indiana Jones Trilogy more than a 100 times (ok, I watch too much TV)
  3. I have memorized the lines for the Movie: Grease 2 (Yeah, yeah I know the movie flopped)
  4. I am afraid of heights
  5. I love fishing on the lake, but have a fear of drowning (come on people, you know black people don’t swim!)
  6. I have visited just about every National Park in Northern California.
  7. My Favorite TV show is the Are You Being Served?
  8. I want to travel to Fiji, Egypt and Alaska before I die.
  9. I hate when people talk too much (sometimes knowing when to shut is up good)
  10. Exercise keeps me sane.

Your turn: tell me what the 10 Oddest and Unique things about you are!

Thanks everyone for playing along, I want this to be fun and just let it roll.