Four Vital Steps To Build Your Blog From Ground Zero

Even though I have been blogging for over 5 years now, I was too distracted and too involved with other areas of internet marketing to concentrate long enough on my blogs, writing valuable content on a regular basis, and finding the best route to build regular traffic.  I got involved in the article marketing world trying to attract people with my online articles while not focusing enough on my own web property, namely, my blog, or blogs in my case.

In the end, my sales through article marketing reached a ceiling because I wasn’t loving what I was doing anymore.  Even though I was trying to write the best persuasive articles I could with no sales pitch, just trying to help my readers, what I could do with article marketing was limited, and I was neglecting my blogs which were not progressing because of it.

At that point, I realized that there had to be a better way to be successful online and I slowly, but surely, realized that it had to be through blogging.  I decided to concentrate much more on my own blogs and less on article marketing.

In this post, I wanted to show you how you can build your blog from ground zero to your ultimate blogging goal.  I know that we all would like our blog to be on the map over night, but let’s face it, that’s not going to happen.  You’ve got to go through all the steps one by one and build your blog on firm ground.

Once you done that, there is no stopping you on how far you will go with your blog.  But, let’s start at the beginning, shall we?

The Foundation of Your Blog is Your Content

There is no substitute for content to build your blog.  The content of your blog is really the foundation of your blog, meaning that without it, your blog doesn’t stand a chance to get anywhere.  Now, when I say content, I should say good content, and there is nothing wrong with great content either, because people really respond very well to superior quality content.

When you start a blog, it’s all you want to concentrate on. Forget about traffic and other little details.  You don’t really need to think too much about where you are going to hang your pictures on the wall when you haven’t built the foundations of the house yet. Do you?  It’s the same thing with your blog. First, concentrate on what will hold your blog which is its content. Everything else comes later.

Create enough content that will be helpful, informative and applicable to your potential readers and then you can move on to the next step. 

Engage with Other Blogs and Meet Other Bloggers

Once your blog is presentable with a good amount of high quality content it’s times to look around and find other bloggers in your niche.

When you are browsing for blogs within your niche look for two important things:

A) Make sure the blog allows for comments.

B) Make sure the owner of the blog is following through with the comments by replying to them.

If you see blog owners who tend to lip frog, answering only the comments of their pals or don’t reply to comments at all, don’t waste your time with such blogs.  Blog browsing and commenting takes time and you don’t want to waste such precious time with people who obviously don’t want to spend theirs by acknowledging and replying to you.  Spotting details such as these from the get-go is a time savior, and it’s their loss and your gain.

 Invest your Time in Guest Blogging 

Offer to guest post on smaller blogs within your niche.  Start small, and as time goes on, you can move on to larger blogs.  Guest posting can be hard work; because you want to make sure that your guest posts are of very high quality and helpful to the readers.  Depending on the time that you have to guest post, set a frequency at which you want to guest post and try to stick to it.

Like anything else, the results that you will be getting from your guest posting depends on the accumulated amount of guest posts that you have.  Don’t expect results from the first couple of guest posts. Keep writing and keep going up the ladder of blog ranking with your guest posting, and you are bound to see results from it.

If you do this the right way, you could generate 300+ unique visitors per day on your blog pretty quickly.

Optimize your Opt-in Conversion

Needless to say, that you should have an opt-in form on your blog, offering a free product of some sort.  Your opt-in form is the most important piece of advertisement on your blog.  Don’t worry too much if you have no other advertisement form as long as you have an opt-in form.

Your opt-in form could offer your reader a newsletter, an eBook, an eCourse, an audio download, etc… What’s important is that you offer it for free to your readers in exchange for their information.

Do not use your list to blast your subscribers with products to buy on a weekly basis.  Although you want to do this occasionally, use your list to build relationships with your subscribers, sending them the link of each new post.  Engage with them by giving them helpful tips and answering their questions.  If you do this the right way, your list will be your gold mind.

If you follow these four vital blogging steps, there is no stopping your blog from become viral and eventually bringing you hundreds to thousands of readers every day. Once you’re there, there is no stopping your blog success.

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