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Recently, I had the luxury of helping a friend take the next few important steps to becoming a pro blogger. She was making very good money after dedicating the better part of the last 3 years into her website. She had a strict writing schedule and made her yoga site really take off with some basic SEO tips that she wasn’t doing

I also offered some tips to help keep the writing going, including a better work desk and a laptop backpack for women opposed to the huge bag she was lugging around when taking her computer to local coffee shops our on the road to write.

Basic SEO Tips when Blogging

  1. Include high-quality images. A lot of pro bloggers worry about copyright issues with getting their images from Google, but I have a great source of FREE images for you to use. This Link is to a collection of free websites that offer license-free images
  2. Remember to use sub-headings to allow for skim readers to get a sense of your article so they know if they should commit to reading. Sub Headings pulls the reader in. Time of site is important, so you need to make sure you have a good dwell time with your blog or website
  3. Link to your sources. It seems that a lot of sites nowadays don’t take the time to properly link to their talking points. This is a wasted opportunity as the site that links to you may return the favor.
  4. Don’t be afraid to get real in your intros. By adding a personal touch your opening yourself up and allowing the reader to get to know you. This goes a long way with the trust factor. If you write like a robot, people will think you are a robot.
  5. Backlink to your best work. Whenever there is an opportunity to link to a previous article that you wrote, do it. Internal linking is huge and a cornerstone of a well-oiled SEO machine
  6.  Don’t be afraid to just write the odd article that promotes your favorite people in your niche or industry. Connecting online is important and hoarding your links is not a great way to build your site. Value the content of the people in your industry.
  7. Guest Blog on sites that look like they are on the right track. Often people get all high and mighty about where they want to guest post. If a site isn’t at the level you’re used to writing for, but it has the potential to get their one day, you’re getting in early. Think of guest blogging as invest in sites that can offer a strong link.
  8. Feel free to allow guest blogging also. Sometimes it’s nice to get an outside perspective from a different voice. If you’re building a brand that people trust, offer them content they’ll enjoy.

Personal Tips for Becoming a Pro Blogger

  1. Find the best time for you to write. Don’t force it. If you are a better writer in the mornings, then make that your time. Get up early, make some coffee and get going.
  2. Turn off Social Media. Make it a game. Set a timer and allow a 15min break between solid one to two-hour writing sessions.
  3. Don’t stress if you need time away. Everyone burns out. If you go a week and don’t get to your site, don’t worry, it happens. It’s better to step away and come back fresh than it is to pump out low-quality content.



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