Tips on How to Get Your Resume Noticed via Social Media

Looking for a job these days is no joke. From ageism to a stiff job market, finding a job is like pulling teeth. When I was laid off from my job, I did something that I never thought of doing when I was on the hunt: I led with my blog.

Funny as it sounds, more marketing professionals, if that’s your next desired job, are in competition with just about everyone. How do you stand out and what makes you so special? These days if you are not competing with twenty-something’s fresh out of college, you’re hit with that tiresome comment of being over qualified.

This pissed me off (no offense), but I knew I had to do something different if I wanted to get hired in the field I wanted to be in. I was inspired by a post via SocialMouths about job hunting through social media and I wanted to share some tips I learned that helped me land job after job just by using my blog and social media.

Tips on How to Get Your Resume Noticed via Social Media

Side note: This might not be for everyone. My goal was to land a job in marketing, so my advice is not the end-all to why a person can or can’t get a job. My advice is to simply share what I did and hope it helps you.

Lead with Your Blog

Since I blogged about Marketing and Social Media, it was a perfect combination and worked like a charm, but blogger beware. Some blogs might come off offensive or not in the taste you might want a future employer to know. Be conscientious about what a potential employer is looking for and decide if you want that to be seen.

Employers are looking via the internet for information about you. When I applied for jobs I led with my email via my blog to spark interest. I can’t say this will work for everyone, but I was asked many times what LogAllot was and it led people to check out the domain.

Spruce up your Profile

Recruiters are in full-force on LinkedIn and you will be surprised how many people never fully complete their LinkedIn profile. I still receive many emails about jobs available in my area. I can’t say all of them are jobs I would jump-ship for, but it gets in my attention.

Your profile is your calling card whether you’re active on LinkedIn or not. One thing I never realized was how easily it was to forget to add your accomplishments and pertinent information that could be beneficial to your resume in the future. You never know what kinds of opportunities will come your way. Another thing you can do is to ask former co-workers to give you recommendations. Social proof speaks volumes when you can back it up.

Be active on LinkedIn

Groups on LinkedIn are super popular. You don’t have to join every group under the sun, but it doesn’t hurt to get behind the company you hope to join. Some companies create discussion groups about real issues that their customers face and you could learn allot about their pain-points to use to your advantage.

Keep Your Personal Stuff Private

Once you put it out on the internet, it’s there forever. If you have profiles on Facebook of stuff you do not want future employers to know, keep it private. I am still surprised in how many profiles are visible. To each his own, but if you have an inappropriate party photo that your friend “tagged” you in, it might not go over well with recruiters. Facebook has an option that makes your profile “unsearchable” or you can protect your tweets.

Get Creative and Think Outside the Box

I came across a website of a young girl that wanted a job in Social Media and campaigned hard to get it. She created a website in the HR Managers name and built her resume around it. In no time, she had a rally of supporters on Twitter cheering her on. She did get an interview, but didn’t get job. No worries, she caught the attention of another company and works there today. How cool is that?

You might feel that you don’t need to go to that extreme, but thinking outside the box makes you unforgettable. Check out what this guy did with Google Adwords and it only cost him $6 dollars to make it happen

Update your Resume or Create an Online Presentation

Resumes will always be the norm for accepting job applications, but there are more professionals looking for creative ways to promote themselves online. Depending on the job itself, if you were looking for something in Marketing or Social Media you can try:

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