Why Your Focus Determines Your Reality

People embark on many areas in their life where they feel like giving up. There might even be times when we give up before we even start, while other times we give up before we are about to make a significant breakthrough.

The other day I was reminded how many times I tried something, failed, got back up, failed and tried again.

Have you ever done this?

Ryan Critchett, from IMarketingHacked, wrote an excellent article about the trials we commit ourselves through before finally finding something that sticks. “The online entrepreneur situation is ornate, to say the very least. But with the proper “mind solutions” in place, you’ll put yourself in the position to create anything”. I have always had an entrepreneur mindset, but I may not have known the proper planning in creating a business model that was right for me. When I created this blog, my intentions were quite different, but as time went by I can finally say, it is the right thing for me.

Have you ever heard a person say, starting a business or something will be so hard? Right off the bat, the focus is already on the invisible “fact” that they are going to fail. Their own mind is effectively sabotaging their own efforts and no matter how much effort they put into their task, they are going to fail regardless. Qui-gan said it best, to a budding Anakin Skywalker to always be mindful and that his “focus determines his reality”. You need to have sufficient self-confidence or it will be easy to give into thoughts of self-doubt. Your thoughts create an energy that motivates your outcome and experiences. If your mind is not clear and aligned, your logical intelligence will not be in sync playing the same tune.

  • Learn how to train your mind – Tiger Woods (Tiger) and Mohammed Ali,(Ali) are great examples of people that have mastered how to focus on positive energy and turn it into complete commitment.
  • Focus on something with intent – The more intent your thoughts are, the more it becomes a reality.  You become what you think about.
  • Review your thoughts – Constantly review your thoughts and focus to on keeping them positive.
  • Focus on what you can control – When you focus on what you can control in your life will most times result in what you’re seeking.
  • Ask yourself empowering questions – Ask yourself potent questions that can change the direction about anything in your life.
  • Conditioning of your mind – Your focus determines your perception, so it’s crucial to discover unique ways to condition your mind to be as positive as it can be.

In the end, what you focus on dictates what your outcome will be. If you only see yourself failing, then you will. No one is perfect, all you can do is your best, but make it YOUR VERY BEST. As usual, I write about what has worked for me. If you liked this article, please subscribe to my email list or RSS Feed for more articles like this.

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